Kid Activities

Lego Creation Preserving!


MR – Our boys have really been into Lego these days.  And they don’t just keep it in one spot – they need to play with their creation everywhere in the house.  So we’re always watching our step for random Lego on the floor…ouch.  I had seen a neat post (can’t find the link to it anymore) on a neat ... Read More »

Microwaving Ivory Soap


This idea has been all over Pinterest in various forms since I started pinning.  The idea is to microwave a bar of Ivory soap for about 2 minutes, and see what happens. It was pretty exciting to watch this small bar of soap turn into a big fluffy soap cloud!  It  is fun to touch, though it reminded the kids ... Read More »

Sharpie Art


I have seen many different posts for how to permanently write on dishes with just a Sharpie, and they looked awesome!  So when I needed a wedding shower gift for a dear friend, I thought it would be neat to try it out. You can start with any plain, oven-proof dish (ie. not plastic). I wiped mine with a damp ... Read More »

Water Fun!


 I pinned this post last summer, and am excited to have some warm weather to try it out with!   I just bought an 8-pack of sponges at the dollar store and cut each one into strips (about 6 or so).  I took 5-6 strips, tied  them together with dental floss and they puffed out into these cute little sponge balls!  ... Read More »

50 Development Activities for All Weather


So, this is an Ebook that I stumbled upon that seems like a really worth-while investment to make: 50 Development Activities for Kids.  There are an awful lot of different sites listed on Pinterest with all sorts of great ideas of activities for kids, but for someone who can’t be bothered to go through all of their different pins and ... Read More »

Make Your Own Memory Game


Well, I didn’t find this one on Pinterest, but I did steal the idea from our Guest Poster Rachel’s sister-in-law.  This year for Christmas, all of the nephews and and the niece gave 1 present to one of their cousins, and since my little man is still a little too little to be picking out presents himself, I took charge ... Read More »

Egg Carton Activities


We did this marble activity last year – I don’t even remember where I first saw it.  For my 3-year old, it was an activity to identify lowercase letters.  I wrote the lower case letters in the egg carton and put a marble inside.  He would close it, shake it up, and wherever the marble landed, he would have to ... Read More »

Calendar Activities


At this time of year we get lots of free calendars from many different places.  I like finding ways to use them with the kids.  This use is so very simple – number writing practice.  Each box provides a space with the number in the corner for copying.  Easy! We also cut up one month into the squares (great fine ... Read More »



Our boys have been desperately waiting for the snow to arrive, and it still hasn’t come.  We have tried our best to welcome it, by making snowflakes, a snowman fridge, and getting out the shovels at the first sign of any flakes.  But still, our yard is bare, and the boys are waiting.    Today my 4-year old asked if ... Read More »

Winter Discovery Bottle


These discovery bottles have been around for a while – the basic idea is to take a clear glass bottle and fill it with something interesting for kids to play with.  I was fascinated when I saw this one where you cut up pieces of pipe cleaners and use a magnet to manipulate them.   I only had white pipe cleaners ... Read More »