Kid Activities

How to Play Battleship on Paper (More than 2 can play!)

featured Battleship

Once upon a time, games weren’t packaged in boxes and sold on the shelves at the local department store. They didn’t take up 30 square feet of closet space, and most could be played with either a deck of cards or a pencil and pad of paper!  While I was growing up, one of our family favourites, especially on chilly ... Read More »

Easy and HEALTHY Valentine’s Treats

Valentine's treats 3

Just a quick post from me today. I was reading the class updates from my youngest boys, and the teacher wants to celebrate Valentine’s day this Wednesday! So that means getting all the card written out, and snacks planned ahead. I was trying to think of fun, healthy Valentine’s treats to send along, but I ran out of inspiration. I ... Read More »

Penguin Craft and Movie #StreamTeam

Penguin craft for little hands

What a wonderful snowy afternoon! The kids spent a few hours outside enjoying the first real snowfall of the year. They were busy shoveling, sledding, and of course, throwing snowballs! We love celebrating the arrival of winter, and so we had a little hot chocolate/popcorn/movie party when they came in.  Since it is winter-y outside but not yet Christmas, we ... Read More »

Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe: It’s Ridiculously Easy

featured sidewalk chalk

I don’t want to make any undue assumptions, but if you’re anything like me, there are a LOT of crafts & activities on Pinterest that you see and think, gee, that looks really easy & simple! I should try that sometime with the kids! And then you go about with your life, and you end up not doing it because hauling ... Read More »

Primary Art Ideas and Examples

Remembrance Day art

 Being a planning time teacher, I can end up teaching any number of subjects (art, drama, music, gym) and am always on the lookout for new ideas.   So when my boys came home with their schoolwork at the end of the year, I thought I’d take some pictures of their primary art ideas to  save and refer to in the future.  They came ... Read More »

Local Summer Fun #KinderMom


We really believe in letting our kids amuse themselves as much as possible, to encourage and celebrate playtime everyday. And when it comes to vacation ideas, we don’t tend to do big trips or expensive places.  We find all the fun local activities that we haven’t had time to do all year long, and do them into two months in the summer.  So I thought ... Read More »

Job Chart for Kids – Quick and Simple

Keep it simple when it comes to job charts!

I’ve always been meaning to get our kids on a job system, but never got around to it. It seemed like too much work. Charts, rewards, magnetic boards, etc.  But a few weekends ago, while I was at a get-together with my university friends,  I was inspired by my friend Christine’s simple chore chart.  One job for each child to ... Read More »

More Soccer Mom Tips

Soccer Mom Tips - bring your own ball.

With the start of the World Cup soccer in Brazil, many people’s minds are on soccer. Since Canada is not (and will likely never be) a contending force in soccer, I get to cheer for the Netherlands, where both my parents were born. Hup, Holland, hup!   In that light, I’m going to pass on a few more Soccer Mom Tips that ... Read More »