Groceries to Stock Up on During Holiday Sales

Groceries to stock up on during holiday sales

We are entering my favourite time of the year – Thanksgiving, then my birthday, Halloween, and then Christmas!  Lots of fun family time, and lots of GREAT food!! There are a few grocery items that are often really cheap during the week or two heading up to these holidays. These items are great to use for any meal, not just ... Read More »

Easy and HEALTHY Valentine’s Treats

Valentine's treats 3

Just a quick post from me today. I was reading the class updates from my youngest boys, and the teacher wants to celebrate Valentine’s day this Wednesday! So that means getting all the card written out, and snacks planned ahead. I was trying to think of fun, healthy Valentine’s treats to send along, but I ran out of inspiration. I ... Read More »

Sour Cream Apple Crisp Bars & KitchenAid Giveaway #GayLeaMom

Sour Cream Apple Crisp Bars

Our family has always loved apple crisp. And my 7-year old often tells me that the one thing that would make it better would be vanilla ice cream on top! Well, isn’t everything better with ice cream on top?!! We don’t often have ice cream in the house, so I thought I’d experiment with a way of getting that vanilla-y, ... Read More »

Teacher Gifts that Don’t Cost a Fortune


At this time of year, we are constantly buying gifts and spending money.  Extra tips for the server, the hairdresser, the paper carrier…the list goes on and on. And don’t forget the teacher!  A teacher gift does not have to cost a fortune! In fact, most teachers are happier with a smaller, heartfelt token, than a big showy gift!! Head ... Read More »

Easy Preschool Christmas Crafts: Stained Glass Christmas Tree

featured Stained Glass Christmas Tree

I don’t know about you, but whenever I search for ‘easy preschool Christmas crafts’, I get hits that involve both GLUE and GLITTER – both of which are NOT allowed out of the drawers when there are FOUR 2 year olds in the house on babysitting days! Here’s one that fits the ‘easy to clean up’ bill for mom.  I ... Read More »

Better Late than Never: Bert & Ernie Pumpkins for Halloween

featured bert ernie

With a 2 year old and a 3.5 year old at home, I knew that carving pumpkins would be more work for me this year than anything, but I couldn’t deny my son the excitement of this ritual that he’s heard so much about in books and seen on Halloween tv specials. He’s not very good at drawing yet, either, ... Read More »

Incredible Hulk Costume – DIY

Incredible Hulk Costume DIY

My 4-year old recently decided he wanted to have an Incredible Hulk Costume for Halloween! As I’m not a fan of buying entire costumes or spending a lot of money, we decided to make his own. How hard could it be?   As usual, we did a quick Pinterest search for some Incredible Hulk Costume inspiration (and ignored the “Hulk Hogan” costumes) ... Read More »

15 (more!) Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

Featured non candy treat

I always loved going Trick or Treating as a kid – well, as long as I could get away with it, to be honest! My reasons for loving it were pretty much the same as the average kid: 1) It’s SUPER fun to dress up and go out in public! (We don’t do that enough as adults!) 2) CANDY.  I get ... Read More »

DIY Acid Wash Jeans

featured Acid Wash Jeans

Several weeks ago now, we attended Blissdom Canada, a blogging & social media conference. Target Canada was our super awesome wardrobe sponsor & kept us clothed for all of the many events. One of the events that I shopped for was the Throw Back Thursday party (sponsored by Kahlua) – can I just say, what an awesome theme for a ... Read More »