Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes


We tried ice cream cone cupcakes last year for a birthday, and they were a big hit!  They tasted great, the kids loved them, and I loved the lack of plates/forks needed!  So for our 5 year old’s birthday, we made them again.  I went with a basic boxed cake mix. I filled the cones with just less than 1/4 c. ... Read More »

Lightning McQueen Party Fun!


Our 5-year old recently had a birthday, and our boys absolutely love the Cars movie.   So of course, the party needed a Cars game…and since I’m too cheap to buy a pre-made game… …we Pinned the Mouth on McQueen.  I cut out a mouth for each child, they loved playing it.  They thought it was especially hilarous to pin the ... Read More »

Fruity Vanilla Icing


Well, the first birthday has come and gone, and my computer is finally working again, so I thought I’d share what I did for the birthday cake.  In the end I decided not to do anything too fancy since we found out with a pre-birthday cake that the little man doesn’t really actually like cake too much….  I made up ... Read More »



I’m gearing up for my son’s first birthday this week (February 22!) and while we’re not throwing a party for him (if he had little cousins in the area, or at least some grandparents nearby, I’d make more of an effort, but really, he’s a year old – as long as we get some pics of him with his cake ... Read More »

Birthday Decorating


I had seen this idea pinned once, several months ago.  I tried to find it again to reference it, but I couldn’t find it. (Have you ever tried to go back and search for a pin you saw but didn’t pin?!! Tricky!) Anyways, I like decorating for birthdays, but always seem to do the same thing – streamers in the same spot, ... Read More »

Make Your Own Memory Game


Well, I didn’t find this one on Pinterest, but I did steal the idea from our Guest Poster Rachel’s sister-in-law.  This year for Christmas, all of the nephews and and the niece gave 1 present to one of their cousins, and since my little man is still a little too little to be picking out presents himself, I took charge ... Read More »