Minion Birthday Cake


Thank you to Jenn and Marya for invitng me to do a guest post. My kids love the movies Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Of course, their favourite characters are the Minions. What is not to love about those goofy yellow characters?  My son, E, recently turned 6 so a Minion birthday cake was a perfect fit for him. ... Read More »

Creative Easy Cake Decorating


I came across this idea early on in my Pinterest days but forgot about it until this week. And, like way too many good pins that I see, I thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea!” and promptly failed to actually pin it. This past week, my family all came to town and we celebrated Christmas together, as well as a ... Read More »

Bundt Pan “Pumpkin” Cake


I first saw this cake on a pin from A Merrier World, and have been looking for an excuse to try it out ever since!  We went to Sarnia to visit my mother in law for her birthday last weekend, and since we’re the only kids left in the province, I try to make her a cake.  Everyone likes having ... Read More »

Easy Baby Girl Cake Decoration


Our little lady celebrated her 1st birthday last week – time flies so quickly!! Here’s my deal with birthdays and parties for wee little ones – I don’t really think that a 1 year old needs a table full of presents, or $50 worth of decorations, or much of anything, really – but I *do* love making cakes, and I ... Read More »

Angry Birds Pinata


  Wow…he does look  kind of angry doesn’t he? MR – I’ve never actually played the game, but I’ve heard that it is very popular, and my 6-year old really wanted something with “Angry Birds” for his party.  We decided to try to make a piñata.  Now, it’s been years since I’ve made anything with paper mache, and I kind ... Read More »

Snowman Birthday Party


 My little guy turned two last month, and since Daddy had a birthday with a cake and a song in December, H was really looking forward to his own! I wasn’t really sure how to decorate his cake – he’d totally be into an Elmo cake, but I hate to put so much red food colouring into the icing to ... Read More »

Spiderman Cake


MR – My recently-turned-four-year-old really wanted a Spiderman cake for his birthday.  As I was browsing Pinterest (where else?!) for ideas, I saw some really cute cakes.  But I am not adventurous enough to try fondant (and I really have no desire to), and that’s what most of them were.  I looked at a  few cakes for inspiration, and came ... Read More »

Water Fun!


 I pinned this post last summer, and am excited to have some warm weather to try it out with!   I just bought an 8-pack of sponges at the dollar store and cut each one into strips (about 6 or so).  I took 5-6 strips, tied  them together with dental floss and they puffed out into these cute little sponge balls!  ... Read More »

McQueen Cake


Our youngest absolutely LOVES the Cars movie.  We decided to make a Cars racetrack cake for his second birthday. I baked a carrot cake into two round cake pans.  When they were cool, I laid them side by side and cut off a small piece so they fit together (which meant we got to sample it…) To make the racetrack, I ... Read More »