What I’m Watching…

What to Watch Next on Netflix

I admit, I watch a lot of TV. Well, I don’t actually watch a lot of TV: a huge amount of the time, I just listen to it as I’m cleaning up the kitchen, hanging up laundry, making dinner. I put Netflix on my phone and connect to our Bose Mini Soundlink Bluetooth speaker and go about my business, listening to my ... Read More »

Fun Family Features on Netflix #streamteam


So apparently having four kids is a “big family,” according to most of society. And the fact that they are all boys  - wow, I must really have my hands full! I don’t mind all the comments. A big family is what I grew up with, and I love it. It is busy, noisy, messy, and definitely never boring. Our boys ... Read More »

A Monster of a Time at #MyMonsterJam in Hamilton


The Maple Leaf Monster Jam is quickly becoming my 4 year old son’s new favourite tradition. Two years in a row is enough to make a tradition, isn’t it?  As you know, our lives have been pretty topsy-turvy for the last month as we got the house read for listing. The kids were out of the house for two full ... Read More »

Scientific Fun with Netflix #Streamteam


Our boys are not quite old enough for Science Fair. Our oldest will be doing it next year at his school, and he can’t wait! As parents, however, we’re not as excited, since a lot of the work gets done at home…and that means homework for Mom & Dad!   All our boys have always been fascinated by science, and ... Read More »

Cheesy Poutine Bites #GayLeaMom


As a Canadian, I grew up knowing that one of the best toppings for French Fries was cheese and gravy – that’s right, Poutine! While we didn’t have it often, it was such a treat any time I did eat it.  Those who are not familiar with poutine are missing out: warm, cheesy, melt-y, messy, and delicious!  There are all ... Read More »

7 New Hobbies to Learn this Spring Break

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Even though March Break is halfway over, there’s still time to do something new. Time to learn a new hobby with your older kids! Something that will tear their eyes away from their screens for a few hours and leave them with a sense of accomplishment. We’re over at writing about new hobbies to learn over spring break, or ... Read More »