Back to School Life Lessons from Netflix #Streamteam


In just two weeks, we will be saying goodbye to summer. An end to laid-back, relaxed days, and a return to routines and schedules. It can be a little nerve-wracking for everyone involved. Our 5-year old is now in Senior Kindergarten without his big brother in class with him – big changes. The 6-year old is in Grade 1 – ... Read More »

What My Boys Are Reading this Summer

Boys Reading List

 Short and sweet post today! Our boys are good readers, but don’t LOVE it like I did when I was younger. They don’t tend to sit with a book and read on their own, so I wanted to encourage as much of that as possible this summer. To help with that, we stopped off at the library this morning and ... Read More »

Seatbelts, everyone! Take Chances, Make Mistakes, and Introduce Your Kids to Miss Frizzle! #StreamTeam

The Magic School Bus on Netflix

I grew up reading the Magic School Bus books whenever I could get my hands on them – which wasn’t very often, since they were some of the more popular books in the school library. I’ve always been fascinated by the possibility of the extra-ordinary fantasy world creeping into our ‘plain old boring’ world.  I desperately wanted Miss Frizzle for ... Read More »

MasterChef Season 6: A Few Thoughts (What did you think about it?)

featured masterchef

I lied a teensy tiny bit in yesterday’s post when I said that all of my TV consumption takes place via Netflix these days. I make one exception and one only: MasterChef. We no longer have an antenna on our house (and haven’t had cable or satellite since the 2012 Winter Olympics), so I’m now relegated to seeking it out online after broadcast or ... Read More »

Why I Love My Fitbit #FavouritesFriday

Fitbit review

I am constantly trying to make better choices in my lifestyle – whether it is drinking more water, or being more active.  I find that anything that challenges me, really helps me meet my goals.  That’s why I wanted to get a Fitbit last summer – to track my steps, and encourage me to increase my physical activity level.  About ... Read More »

What I’m Watching…

What to Watch Next on Netflix

I admit, I watch a lot of TV. Well, I don’t actually watch a lot of TV: a huge amount of the time, I just listen to it as I’m cleaning up the kitchen, hanging up laundry, making dinner. I put Netflix on my phone and connect to our Bose Mini Soundlink Bluetooth speaker and go about my business, listening to my ... Read More »

Fun Family Features on Netflix #streamteam


So apparently having four kids is a “big family,” according to most of society. And the fact that they are all boys  - wow, I must really have my hands full! I don’t mind all the comments. A big family is what I grew up with, and I love it. It is busy, noisy, messy, and definitely never boring. Our boys ... Read More »

A Monster of a Time at #MyMonsterJam in Hamilton


The Maple Leaf Monster Jam is quickly becoming my 4 year old son’s new favourite tradition. Two years in a row is enough to make a tradition, isn’t it?  As you know, our lives have been pretty topsy-turvy for the last month as we got the house read for listing. The kids were out of the house for two full ... Read More »