Giveaways, Etc.

Heading (Back) to School!


So after a few years of homeschooling, our older boys are going to school this fall.  Homeschooling was a nice way to spend a little extra time with our boys, but was never going to be long-term for us.  We’ve had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and are ready for the next phase in our lives.  So now ... Read More »

Giant News! Green Giant Veggie Chips GIVEAWAY!


Big news on the home front.  No, no, NO – we’re not pregnant again!  (Seriously – we all know that’s where everyone goes first!) But I am finishing up my maternity leave, and believe me, I am so thankful for every day of this year-long leave that I have the privilege to take here in Canada.  And, as I’ve been ... Read More »

Healthy Snacking & Freebies!


In the midst of my campaign to become my ‘healthier’ me, I will admit that there are days when I don’t get enough of my fibrous veggies in – and let’s face it, even though us moms are on the move all the time, it’s important that we make sure that our systems keep ‘moving’, too!  I was lucky enough ... Read More »

Recipe Review No. 1: “Easy Banana Bread”


 I have tried  a lot of recipes, crafts, and products from Pinterest.  Up until now, I have only blogged about things that turned out exceptionally well.  I have decided to change that.  I haven’t had many spectacular failures, but there are many that just don’t have remarkable results.  If I can help someone else avoid a mistake, shouldn’t I? Earlier ... Read More »