Library Book Tip


We’ve been using our public library for years, and we love the selection they have, and their printout they provide of all the books we have out.  But recently, our older two have also started bringing home 3 books a week from their school library, and they tend to be smaller in size (paperback novels) with no printout.  We end ... Read More »

Wishbooks, Wishlists and Giving, Oh My!


  As I mentioned in my last post about giving, we’re trying our best to raise kids who love to give. And so, since our little guy doesn’t really know that the Wishbook is usually used to make a wishlist for yourself, we decided first to go through and see if we could put together a wishlist for other kids. ... Read More »

Teaching Our Kids to Give #SearsMom


The Christmas season in our home growing up was always warm & happy. Leading up to Christmas, the four of us kids would take turns with the Wishbook, laying on the floor beside the stereo and listening to Christmas tapes while earmarking pages and scribbling down things onto very long pieces of paper. We all knew that not in our wildest ... Read More »

Heading (Back) to School!


So after a few years of homeschooling, our older boys are going to school this fall.  Homeschooling was a nice way to spend a little extra time with our boys, but was never going to be long-term for us.  We’ve had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and are ready for the next phase in our lives.  So now ... Read More »