New Surprises AND a Chance to Win with Kinder


One of the reasons I’m so excited to be a part of this KinderMom campaign is our family connection to Kinder Surprises.  When my husband & I first met 17 years ago, we started collecting Kinder Surprise toys.  We had a large shelf on the wall and sorted them according to type of toy  (car, animal, person and the dreaded ... Read More »

Olympic Snacking & Giveaway #ProudToBeCDN


With the upcoming Winter Olympics, the excitement in our house is building.  Sliding on the ice has become “speed-skating”. Mini-hockey games in the basement have become full-out Olympic events. Sledding down our hill has become “bobsled.”   We are so excited to cheer on Team Canada as they compete in Sochi.  We’re also looking forward to learning about other countries, and cheering on ... Read More »

Hamilton Christmas #Giveaway #HamOnt


This one is especially for all of you Hamilton Ontario readers out there – or those in the GTA who’d like to come see more of what Hamilton has to offer! If you’ve spent any time in Hamilton at all in the last couple years, you’ve hopefully picked up on the fact that there is a lot going on in here ... Read More »

Bloggiversary #Giveaway: Win a $75 Prepaid VISA Gift Card!


Happy birthday to us happy birthday to us! Happy birthday, YouPinspireMe,  Happy birthday to us!  Hip Hip, Horray! Hip Hip, Horray! Hip Hip, Horray! Is it lame to sing Happy Birthday to yourself? Perhaps. But you know what makes it not lame? Celebrating by giving away a $75 Prepaid VISA Gift Card! That’s right – we’re doing the truly Dutch ... Read More »

Fast Facebook Giveaway for a Dreary Monday, October 7


Good Monday Morning, everyone! I had an exhausting but almost entirely enjoyable weekend at a blogging / social media conference called BlissDom Canada.  I urge you to check it out if you’ve never heard of it before and you’re in the Canadian blogging world! We were treated and spoiled all weekend long by sponsors like Coldstone Creamery, Tetley Tea, PureVia, ... Read More »

Giant News! Green Giant Veggie Chips GIVEAWAY!


Big news on the home front.  No, no, NO – we’re not pregnant again!  (Seriously – we all know that’s where everyone goes first!) But I am finishing up my maternity leave, and believe me, I am so thankful for every day of this year-long leave that I have the privilege to take here in Canada.  And, as I’ve been ... Read More »

Healthy Snacking & Freebies!


In the midst of my campaign to become my ‘healthier’ me, I will admit that there are days when I don’t get enough of my fibrous veggies in – and let’s face it, even though us moms are on the move all the time, it’s important that we make sure that our systems keep ‘moving’, too!  I was lucky enough ... Read More »