Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts


 My husband has accused me of mild hoarding.  Why?  I can’t seem to put certain types of things into the recycling. So, as I’ve been pinning away this week, I’ve been on the look out for toilet paper roll Christmas crafts, since that stash has gotten to be fairly large.  There are So. Many. Ideas!  I thought I’d collect them all ... Read More »

Clear Ornament Ideas for Christmas Decorating


MR – Last year on Pinterest, I saw all kids of clear ornament ideas.   I didn’t have any at the time, but I made it a point during boxing day sales to buy some of those clear Christmas balls at 75% off, costing me next-to-nothing.  I only got the clear plastic ones (not the glass) because I have four young ... Read More »

Ways to Display Christmas Cards


We got our first Christmas card in the mail today!  As someone who loves (almost) all things Christmas, this got me thinking:  with everything that I’ve come across on Pinterest in the past year, I need some new ways to display Christmas cards.  We typically get too many to just set out on the TV stand, and besides, with a ... Read More »