Coffee Break

You Can Call Me Al(ice)

Featured Alice Dress

Last week, a friend of ours had a birthday and threw herself a bash. This party was particularly awesome because it was a costume party. And the theme? Literary Characters. Right up my alley! I’ve read a LOT, but I googled literary costume ideas for adults because the pressure was getting to me. I considered being Tris from Divergent because I had ... Read More »

Pinspiration MIA

Featured Arm bandage

You may have noticed a distinct absence of posting on our blog last week. If you follow us on Facebook, you will have seen that my sister, Marya, pretty much shattered her wrist while skating with her kids. Such a simple & straightforward activity. A mis-step to avoid a collision with her son on the ice, and bam. There goes ... Read More »

Four Superheroes and a Pretty Princess


So being the only girl in our house (not counting the dog), it tends to be a loud, busy house.  Four boys wrestling, running, jumping, and being superheroes.  Somewhere along the line, though, these wonderful superheroes have taken to calling me a “Pretty Princess.”  I often get “Thank you, Your Majesty,” or “This supper is delicious, You Royal Highness.”  Anytime ... Read More »