Bar Soap to Liquid Soap in 5 Minutes


On our way out to Prince Edward Island, my mom, sister, and I stopped in Quebec City for just about 24 hours.  It was pretty much as hot there as the weather that we left behind in Ontario, so 24 hours was about enough time for us – we saw and sweated an incredible amount during that time!  One of ... Read More »

DIY Nativity Scenes – easy Christmas Crafts


As I was searching through my Christmas pins, I noticed that I had pinned a lot of Nativity scenes.  There are so many great ideas out there for making your own.  And since I tend to like the more simple, silhouette-style nativities, I was able to search out those simpler crafts.  I find that some of the store-bought ones are ... Read More »

Crochet Mary Jane Slippers


  MR – I learned how to crochet when I was young, and did a fair bit in university.  Even after we were first married, I did a bit, but as the kids came, I did less and less.  That didn’t stop me from pinning all these cute projects, like some cute crochet Mary Jane slippers.  So last week I ... Read More »

Ways to Display Christmas Cards


We got our first Christmas card in the mail today!  As someone who loves (almost) all things Christmas, this got me thinking:  with everything that I’ve come across on Pinterest in the past year, I need some new ways to display Christmas cards.  We typically get too many to just set out on the TV stand, and besides, with a ... Read More »

Emergency Preparedness


MR -So with this hurricane Sandy that came through, we were all warned to make sure we were prepared to support ourselves and our families for 72 hours with no power.  This is something that we should be ready for anyways, and I know that there are lots of brochures showing us how to get ready.   I’ve just never done it, even ... Read More »

Wedding Invitation Ornament


MR – I don’t know where I first saw a pin using a wedding invitation to make an ornament, but the idea stuck in my head – it was so cute!.  We were going to my brother-in-law’s wedding, and had bought them a gift card.  It’s always nice, though, to give an actual present.  So I took the invitation, cut ... Read More »

Homemade Deoderant


I’ve been toying with the idea of homemade deoderant for a long time.  There are so many chemicals in that store-bought stuff, and we’re always looking for ways to go more natural.  I think I’ve pinned about 6 different versions of it, and most of them use a combination of coconut oil, cornstarch and baking soda.  This one seemed the most ... Read More »

Travel Toothbrush Holder Tutorial


The first time I saw this pin for a travel toothbrush holder, I thought it was a brilliant idea.   Every time we go somewhere, I find a plastic bag, throw everyone’s toothbrushes in it, and they all touch and share germs.  The bag gets all sticky and I throw it out after because it’s so dirty.  With this genius idea, each toothbrush gets ... Read More »

The Clementine Candle


So, I think a lot of people have pinned this pin about a clementine candle.  It looks really neat, and I’ve always wondered if it would work.  First of all, the link only took me to a picture, so I had to google the original post.  But there were very few instructions – only pictures.  In the comments section, someone ... Read More »

Swedish Love Knot Ornament


I actually first made this years ago in highschool. It’s called a Swedish Love Knot, and it’s supposed to bring good luck to all living in the house.  I also like an alternate meaning – it represents the real meaning of Christmas: God the Father (large circle), the Son, and the Holy Spirit (two smaller circles).  It hangs nicely on ... Read More »