DIY Stuffed Monster Toy


As much as I strongly dislike the clutter of stuffed animals, our boys have started collecting them. They have a few that have special meaning, from an aunt or a friend, and a few they have bought with their own hard-earned money.  So when we came across this little magazine clipping with monsters you could purchase from Etsy for $35, ... Read More »

What to Expect When Hiring a Cleaning Lady #Giveaway

What to Expect When Hiring a Cleaning Lady

The year that my first child was born, there was a Groupon for a cleaning maid service. How luxurious! I thought that I’d treat myself - absolutely I’d pay $30 for a house cleaner for 2 hours while I sit with my feet up and nurse my baby! …and then, before I knew it, my Groupon had expired. I did the ... Read More »

DIY Acid Wash Jeans

featured Acid Wash Jeans

Several weeks ago now, we attended Blissdom Canada, a blogging & social media conference. Target Canada was our super awesome wardrobe sponsor & kept us clothed for all of the many events. One of the events that I shopped for was the Throw Back Thursday party (sponsored by Kahlua) – can I just say, what an awesome theme for a ... Read More »

Time to Clean Up the Veggie Garden & Plant for a Spring Harvest!


It’s a sad but satisfying task, cleaning out the vegetable garden at the end of the summer: restoring order, making way for next year’s growth, decluttering the spent vegetation… But that also means that it might be time to start planting your early spring harvest – ever done a fall planting before? Head over to my recent article on Save.ca ... Read More »

Lego Figure Cape from Duct Tape

Lego Batman Cape

Growing up, I always made clothes for my dolls and Barbies. I loved creating accessories for them, and I imagined that one day I would do the same with my own daughter. Fast forward a number of years to my life today with four busy boys! There are no dolls in our house and not as much crafting as I had ... Read More »

Lego Marble Maze


Our kids have really been into Perplexus these days.  It’s a big 3-D marble maze in a ball, which is really clever and challenging.    So we thought about making our own marble maze. My 5-year old took to it right away.  He worked for about a half an hour, perfecting his maze, trying different paths and combinations.  He tried with ... Read More »

Sew Your Own Cash Wallet (For Cash Envelope Budgeting)


Today, the beautiful Marnie (Queen of the Marniverse) graciously agreed to share her latest project with us – a cash walled for the Envelope System of budgeting!  I saw this in person, and it’s an amazing project! I am super excited to have the opportunity to guest post on You Pinspire Me. I am even more excited because of what ... Read More »

Loom Bracelet on a Fork {Tutorial}


So these Rainbow Looms showed up a number of months ago, and they seem to be all the rage.  At school, on the bus, all the kids are either making them or wearing them.   Our boys had been wanting a loom for a while, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend $20 on a loom for each ... Read More »