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Good Tip for Parents of Little Ones


Aside from its crafty, inspiring side, Pinterest has also been the source of many hints and tips.  From house-cleaning to organizing to home remedies, there are great tips out there, so I thought I’d share one. If you have a young child, it’s quite possible you will have to deal with them putting something up their nose: raisins, peas, anything ... Read More »

Organizing the Kitchen – Part 1


 I like tea.  I like having a choice of tea.  Which means that the other day when I cleaned out my tea cupboard, I found no fewer than 13 different types of teas in 6 different sizes and shapes of containers.  That takes up a LOT of room!  So, I took a trip to Dollarama and bought a LOT of ... Read More »

The Clementine Candle


So, I think a lot of people have pinned this pin about a clementine candle.  It looks really neat, and I’ve always wondered if it would work.  First of all, the link only took me to a picture, so I had to google the original post.  But there were very few instructions – only pictures.  In the comments section, someone ... Read More »

Home Made Mulling Spices


When I discovered Epicure Selections, my favourite product quickly became the Mulling Spices.  A small scoop of this product can transform a normal can of apple juice into a festive, spicy, and incredibly delicious hot drink.  However.  Last year, on the eve of our annual Most Wonderful Time of the Year Christmas Party, I checked in our cupboard and alas!  ... Read More »

Swedish Love Knot Ornament


I actually first made this years ago in highschool. It’s called a Swedish Love Knot, and it’s supposed to bring good luck to all living in the house.  I also like an alternate meaning – it represents the real meaning of Christmas: God the Father (large circle), the Son, and the Holy Spirit (two smaller circles).  It hangs nicely on ... Read More »

Homemade Crayons


The boys wanted to make some gifts to give to their friends.  I thought about various ideas, but settled on this one because it was easy to make, neat-looking, and fun to use.  The most tedious part was ripping the labels off all our old, stubby crayons (although I have since heard that soaking them in water makes it much ... Read More »