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Mothers, Teach Your Children {The Golden Rule of Babysitters}

featured mothers teach your children

I’m going to just come right out and say that I was an amazing babysitter. I’m not just saying that – I really was genuinely awesome. Families fought over me for New Years.  They paid me to come to weddings & sit in hotel rooms to watch TV & monitor the napping baby.  They bestowed upon me one of their ... Read More »

Why I Kicked Shaving Cream to the Curb… and you should, too!

Why Use Sweet Almond Oil for Shaving

Alright, I admit it: I’ve never been fanatical about keeping my legs silky smooth. I love the feel of freshly shaven legs, but my skin is sensitive – I need the really good razors and the expensive shaving cream: keeping my legs in this fashion is a costly venture.  Even before kids came along, I much preferred to spend my hard-earned ... Read More »

Penguin Craft and Movie #StreamTeam

Penguin craft for little hands

What a wonderful snowy afternoon! The kids spent a few hours outside enjoying the first real snowfall of the year. They were busy shoveling, sledding, and of course, throwing snowballs! We love celebrating the arrival of winter, and so we had a little hot chocolate/popcorn/movie party when they came in.  Since it is winter-y outside but not yet Christmas, we ... Read More »

Healthy Snacks for Clean Holiday Eating


 As we have mentioned a few times, Jenn & I are making an attempt to enter this holiday season in a little better shape. Eat a little healthier, move a little more, and be generally more fit.  What I’ve found is that I am completely tempted by all sorts of delicious holiday foods and snacks, so I’ve come up with ... Read More »

Prepping Your Home for Winter


As the days and weeks pass by, we are slowly heading into the winter season. There are so many things to do to prepare, and readying your home is one of them. Here’s a great list we’ve shared over at with a great step-by-step list (or a “honey-do” list).   Prepping Your Home for Winter    Read More »

High Protein Granola {homemade granola has never tasted so good!}

High Protein Granola - Easy, Healthy, Delicious!

Is there anything more comforting than the smell of a fresh batch of granola coming out of the oven? It brings me back to the days of sitting in my mother’s kitchen, waiting impatiently for the piping hot clumps of oats, sunflower seeds, & honey in her enamel roasting pan to cool down enough that they wouldn’t scald my fingers ... Read More »