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Trim Hundreds off Your Household Budget

Four Ways to Trim Your Household Budget

There’s no getting around it: life with kids is expensive. If you’re the kind of person who never goes out for coffee and considers eating out to be a special treat that happens just a few times a year, it can be hard to find ways to trim back your budget. Hop on over to where we’re talking about ... Read More »

Back To School Lunch Tips


Once again, we are back to making lunches every day. It was SO nice to have that break over Christmas! No lunches for two whole weeks!!  If you are stressed or struggling over what to make or how to make lunch-making go smoothly, head over to for some Back To School Lunch Tips! Read More »

DIY Stuffed Monster Toy


As much as I strongly dislike the clutter of stuffed animals, our boys have started collecting them. They have a few that have special meaning, from an aunt or a friend, and a few they have bought with their own hard-earned money.  So when we came across this little magazine clipping with monsters you could purchase from Etsy for $35, ... Read More »

What to Expect When Hiring a Cleaning Lady #Giveaway

What to Expect When Hiring a Cleaning Lady

The year that my first child was born, there was a Groupon for a cleaning maid service. How luxurious! I thought that I’d treat myself - absolutely I’d pay $30 for a house cleaner for 2 hours while I sit with my feet up and nurse my baby! …and then, before I knew it, my Groupon had expired. I did the ... Read More »

Teacher Gifts that Don’t Cost a Fortune


At this time of year, we are constantly buying gifts and spending money.  Extra tips for the server, the hairdresser, the paper carrier…the list goes on and on. And don’t forget the teacher!  A teacher gift does not have to cost a fortune! In fact, most teachers are happier with a smaller, heartfelt token, than a big showy gift!! Head ... Read More »

Prodigy (FREE) Math Game #FavouritesFriday


Our kids don’t spend a lot of time online or playing games. Maybe once or twice a week they are allowed to play something. But I always have a hard time finding a free game that will actually help them practice relevant skills. So when I came across the free math game Prodigy at my school, I really wanted to ... Read More »