30-Day Fitness Challenge


So here we are in January, the time for resolutions and making changes.  I find it difficult to make resolutions that actually last for the year, so I love the idea of a challenge – with a start and end date, and a clear goal.  30 days, one month, of making good choices, and gradually building strength through various fitness ... Read More »

30 Day Fitness Challenge Coming Soon


I love getting healthy, especially after all that holiday eating (that seems to start at Thanksgiving, heads right into Halloween, and ends off with Christmas & New Years!).  I find it easier to start new things on Mondays, when we’re back to routine, so rather than starting this on January 1, we’ll start on the 6th.  Stay tuned for a ... Read More »

Infant Eczema and a Hazelwood Necklace


They say that a daughter steals her mom’s beauty during the pregnancy. While it was definitely more true with DD than with DS’s pregnancy (although, I might have just felt a lot less beautiful because when I wasn’t sleeping, working, or heaving over a toilet or sink, I was chasing after a toddler), it was several months after the pregnancy that ... Read More »

Wellness Wednesday – Challenge Check-in


(MR) So it’s been a week since I started my October challenges.  Thought I’d let do a little update on how it’s going. The Ultimate Blogging Challenge has been a lot of fun.  I’ve been posting every day and connecting with other bloggers too.The health and fitness challenges are going great too! 10 minutes of “me time” – this one ... Read More »

Challenge Yourself!


For the month of October, I have gotten involved in a number of challenges.  I’m a very competitive person, and I do better with goals if I have a challenge or competition.  These challenges all happened to fall on the same month, so I’m doing a lot of self-improvement these days.  It’ll be a great way to head into the ... Read More »

Getting a Reluctant Napper into Bed


This isn’t a long or complicated post, but I thought that I’d share anyways, just in case it might help someone else get their little person into the crib for a nap!  My little guy is now 25 months.  He still sleeps in a crib – we’re happy about that, he doesn’t seem to mind, and he’s only climbed out ... Read More »

Oral Rehydration Solution (Homemade Pedialyte/Electrolyte Subsitute)


 Over (Canadian) Thanksgiving, our whole family (well, except for the 2 month old infant, thankfully!) caught the stomach flu – or gastroenteritis.  Blech.  The only thing worse than spending the day throwing up (and other things) is having to watch your almost 2-year old get sick all over himself – it’s such a traumatic and scary event for the little ... Read More »

Helpful Hints for Calming Aching, Swollen Throats


 JvO  Wow.  It’s been a few months since I’ve posted!  In the meantime, I finished work, had a baby, had several colds, mastitis, and the flu.  The sore throat that I experienced seems to be making its way around again, based on the statuses I’ve seen on facebook!  After all, ’tis the season! I thought I’d jot down some of ... Read More »