Why I Kicked Shaving Cream to the Curb… and you should, too!

Why Use Sweet Almond Oil for Shaving

Alright, I admit it: I’ve never been fanatical about keeping my legs silky smooth. I love the feel of freshly shaven legs, but my skin is sensitive – I need the really good razors and the expensive shaving cream: keeping my legs in this fashion is a costly venture.  Even before kids came along, I much preferred to spend my hard-earned ... Read More »

Healthy Snacks for Clean Holiday Eating


 As we have mentioned a few times, Jenn & I are making an attempt to enter this holiday season in a little better shape. Eat a little healthier, move a little more, and be generally more fit.  What I’ve found is that I am completely tempted by all sorts of delicious holiday foods and snacks, so I’ve come up with ... Read More »

10 Ways You Kill Your Diet Before You Even Start

10 Ways You Kill Your Diet Before You Even Start

Ok, I’ll fess up: I HATE using the word “Diet”. I prefer things like “healthy eating challenge” or “Making changes IN your diet”, but I used the word in the title precisely because it’s the popular term for a weight-loss challenge, and that’s what we’re doing this month. Without further ado, I give you “Ten Ways You Kill Your Diet ... Read More »

Staying Healthy With Water


  Do you drink enough water? Most of us don’t. Head over to our post at the community to read more about why water is so essential to our health, and how to increase your water intake. Read More »

Challenge Update


We’re two weeks into the 30-Day Fitness Challenge now.  How’s it going, people? I love hearing feedback from people who are doing it with us. I’m confessing here, that I really don’t like planks.  At all.  I’ve kind of given up on them.  I shouldn’t, but I just can’t do it.  Unless anyone has any tips for me on how ... Read More »

The Best Fitness Inspiration from Pinterest


As we enter Day 8 of our 30-Day fitness challenge, my muscles are a little sore in places they aren’t usually.  Climbing stairs is tricky.  Carrying something as small as my school bag reminds me that I’ve been using long-neglected muscles.  But it’s all for a good cause.  I’m looking forward to the satisfaction of completing this challenge, and hopefully noticing some improvement ... Read More »

30-Day Fitness Challenge


So here we are in January, the time for resolutions and making changes.  I find it difficult to make resolutions that actually last for the year, so I love the idea of a challenge – with a start and end date, and a clear goal.  30 days, one month, of making good choices, and gradually building strength through various fitness ... Read More »

30 Day Fitness Challenge Coming Soon


I love getting healthy, especially after all that holiday eating (that seems to start at Thanksgiving, heads right into Halloween, and ends off with Christmas & New Years!).  I find it easier to start new things on Mondays, when we’re back to routine, so rather than starting this on January 1, we’ll start on the 6th.  Stay tuned for a ... Read More »

Infant Eczema and a Hazelwood Necklace


They say that a daughter steals her mom’s beauty during the pregnancy. While it was definitely more true with DD than with DS’s pregnancy (although, I might have just felt a lot less beautiful because when I wasn’t sleeping, working, or heaving over a toilet or sink, I was chasing after a toddler), it was several months after the pregnancy that ... Read More »