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Prepping Your Home for Winter


As the days and weeks pass by, we are slowly heading into the winter season. There are so many things to do to prepare, and readying your home is one of them. Here’s a great list we’ve shared over at with a great step-by-step list (or a “honey-do” list).   Prepping Your Home for Winter    Read More »

High Protein Granola {homemade granola has never tasted so good!}

High Protein Granola - Easy, Healthy, Delicious!

Is there anything more comforting than the smell of a fresh batch of granola coming out of the oven? It brings me back to the days of sitting in my mother’s kitchen, waiting impatiently for the piping hot clumps of oats, sunflower seeds, & honey in her enamel roasting pan to cool down enough that they wouldn’t scald my fingers ... Read More »

Incredible Hulk Costume – DIY

Incredible Hulk Costume DIY

My 4-year old recently decided he wanted to have an Incredible Hulk Costume for Halloween! As I’m not a fan of buying entire costumes or spending a lot of money, we decided to make his own. How hard could it be?   As usual, we did a quick Pinterest search for some Incredible Hulk Costume inspiration (and ignored the “Hulk Hogan” costumes) ... Read More »

Travel Hack: When You Forget The Dog Leash

Brilliant travel hack for when you forgot the dog leash!

So we were visiting family for the long weekend. I got my own things packed.  All the kids’ things packed. Even the husband’s things packed. We get to a service station and realize that we did not pack the dog’s things - we forgot the dog leash. As if I don’t have enough to think about when getting ready.  We did grab ... Read More »

Let @dinnerlicious! Deliver Your Groceries AND your Meal Plan! A dinnerlicious review

Featured Dinnerlicious

I learned something extremely important this summer: there is a company called dinnerlicious!, based right here in Hamilton, Ontario, that delivers fresh food (mostly local, many organic) and easy to prepare recipes in a meal plan RIGHT TO YOUR FRONT DOOR. And it’s completely affordable! It’s it’s an absolutely reasonable price for the average family, and because dinnerlicious! delivers only the ... Read More »

Simplified “Meal Planning”

Meal planning

 With all the hype everywhere about “Back to School” and getting organized, I sometimes get a little annoyed.  There are so many lists and ideas and ways to stay organized (just do a search at ), but I don’t have the time for all that effort. If you haven’t noticed yet, this blog is about how to simplify the things you ... Read More »