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How to Save Money on Repairs with YouTube

How to save money on household repairs

For the past number of months, our front-loading washer was working fine, but every now and then a load would come out really smelly. I have been doing everything correctly, always leaving the door open between loads, and running a “clean washer” cycle once a month. It was frustrating, then,  that clothes didn’t always seem fresh. But then one day ... Read More »

Selling Your House for More: Step 2: Consult the Experts

Selling your house this year? Check out these tips to sell your house for MORE!

We sold our house this spring for a surprisingly tidy profit, but there was a fair amount of work involved before the house went up on the market. One of the most important lessons that my husband and I have learned in the last 9 years of our married life is that it’s not only a waste of time but also a ... Read More »

Spring Clean Your Spending Habits


We all know that spring is a great time to tackle chores around the house that haven’t been done in a while. Spring cleaning is great for renewing and refreshing our houses and yards, but it is also great for other things!  Have your finances gotten a little off track lately? Are you slipping into bad spending habits?  We’re over ... Read More »

Dishwasher Soap For Next to Nothing!

Dishwasher Soap

I get a little annoyed sometimes at the price of dishwasher soap. You can pay some serious money for it. Fancy little tabs with a power-boosting ball in the centre.  Even the basic stuff (liquid or powder) can run up to 5 dollars or so and it gets used so quickly. Fill the entire dispenser, then the pre-wash, then sprinkle ... Read More »

How to Live Without Cable (or satellite)

PicMonkey Collage

I have never paid for cable or satellite, in all my adult life. For our first year of marriage, we chose not to have TV.  In subsequent years, we managed to rent and borrow enough movies and DVDs, while spending our money on important things like student loans and house down payments. For about one year, we even had “free” ... Read More »

How to Involve Your Kids in Spring Cleaning


It’s almost Spring time!  Time to enjoy the sunshine, the longer days, and the warmer weather. It’s also time to do some Spring cleaning – to tackle some big jobs that may not have been done since last year! But there’s no law that states that the mom must do all the work. And there is nothing that says that ... Read More »

Batch Baking – Why and How You Should Do It!

Batch 3

If you are like me, you don’t always get around to baking or cooking from scratch.  There is always something going on, and getting out all the ingredients and dishes takes so much time.  Then there’s the clean-up afterwards – nobody likes that part. So instead of cooking or baking, we buy pre-packaged, processed foods that are more expensive and ... Read More »