Tip: How to Easily Remove those Sticky Thriftstore Price Tags


I make a habit of scouting out the kitchen section of every thrift store that I go to. I’m not entirely sure why, or what, specifically, I’m looking for, but I often come home with dishes. Most of the time they’re Corelle dishes to go with our mis-matched set, but this time I found these super cute little mugs for ... Read More »

Cleaning Stoneware


   I love Pampered Chef products, but unfortunately I don’t have the kind of money to buy them often, so any time I see them at garage sales, I grab them!  I’ve never had stoneware before, so I was pretty excited to find this one at our local thrift shop for just a dollar.  I checked the bottom, and it said ... Read More »

Organizing the Entryway


Another quick post on a rainy day.  We just moved into a new house about 5 months ago.  We had such a tiny entry way in our other house, so I was thrilled to have more space here!  The only problem is that there are no coat closets or any sort of closets on the main floor.  So for the ... Read More »

Easy Shower Cleaning


MR – My favourite Pinterest find of this week was the soap dispensing brush to store in the shower.  There was a pin that didn’t end up linking to anywhere, but in the description was an idea for keeping your shower/bath clean on a regular basis. Fill one of these soap-dispensing brushes (mine was a dollar store one) with half ... Read More »

Orange & Vinegar Spray Cleaner


MR – Just wanted to quickly share my favourite Pinterest find of the week.  I love cleaning with vinegar, but the smell is sometimes very strong.  So when I saw this pin, it looked great!  All you do is put some orange peels in a jar of vinegar, leave it for a few weeks, and then use it.  I left ... Read More »

Lego Manual Storage


More about Lego in our lives.  Our boys have lots of special Lego set that they got for Christmas from their grandparents.  These ones they like to keep separate and play with on their own in their rooms.  But they were often falling apart, and we couldn’t fix them, and the manuals were all over the house.  So we got ... Read More »

LEGO Board & storage


MR - As our four boys move from the infant/toddler stage to the busy-young-boys stage, Lego has become a favourite pastime. But we’ve always had a problem about where to play with it and how to store it.  I was getting Lego all over the house – stepping on it and vacuuming it up.    My husband mentioned that they ... Read More »

Lego Creation Preserving!


MR – Our boys have really been into Lego these days.  And they don’t just keep it in one spot – they need to play with their creation everywhere in the house.  So we’re always watching our step for random Lego on the floor…ouch.  I had seen a neat post (can’t find the link to it anymore) on a neat ... Read More »

Clothes Organizing Tip


MR – I recently spent the hours and hours changing all 4 boys’ clothes from summer to winter, and from one size to the next.  Glad to be done, thankful to have so many clothes, but it takes a bit of work.   One Pinterest tip I read somewhere (can’t even remember where) was that when you are putting kids’ ... Read More »