A Month of Less: The Tuppeware / Plastics Cupboard


My Tupperware cupboard has been exploding since the day after I cleaned it up in the summer. It was time. I did this one a few weeks ago, actually, because I wanted to see if I could keep it from falling into disarray in the next 7 days. Well, this time, it has made it for a full 3 weeks ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Kids’ Books


      Sometimes it’s a little intimidating to face an entire room of kids’ things and organize/sort/throw out stuff.  So I thought I’d just tackle one small area today – their little bookshelf.  Since we had moved about 10 months ago, I had already gotten rid of so many books and toys, but we still had a lot.  So ... Read More »

A Month of Less: The Coat Closet


Today’s challenge is the Coat Closet! Now, I’m hoping for your sake that yours is not in as bad shape as mine was – it was a little lot embarrassing. We had so many fabric & plastic bags stuffed in there that it was kind of a shove everything inside as far as possible and then quickly shut the door ... Read More »

A Month of Less: My Dresser


If you’re like me, your dresser and closet are always overflowing.  No matter how much you can organize or separate or get rid of things, there’s always a mess.  I’m not exactly sure why that happens.  I decided to tackle my dresser today.  I didn’t have time to do a big sort and organize, so I just went through and found ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Digital Photo Organizing


 I have to admit that I’m not great about organizing and backing up my photos.  They often sit on my computer in whatever place they get saved on, until I have hundreds of little files of pictures.  So what I started doing about a year ago was to create 4 folders for each year.  Jan-Mar., Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept., and Oct-Dec.  This ... Read More »

A Month of Less: The Junk Drawer


Somehow, since we’ve moved into a kitchen with more cupboard space, I’ve gone from one “junk drawer” to one “main” one and two extras.  Do I really need 3 drawers for random things?  No.  Now I just have to do something about it.  Organize, and throw stuff out! Here’s our two main “junk” drawers.  I went through, dumped them out.  ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Email Simplifying


One thing that I find eats up a lot of my time is email.  Whether it’s checking & responding to the important ones, or deleting/ignoring the spam/mailing lists.  My inbox is so full that it gets overwhelming sometimes.  Aside from my own Gmail account, I have a shared Hotmail account with my husband, as well as a work email account.  ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Purse/Diaper Bag


Okay, so my purse is usually a disaster.  I don’t clean it out on a regular basis, so it keeps collecting things.  Receipts, garbage, toys, papers, etc.  As a result, it gets really heavy.  I’ve read articles about how much a woman’s purse often weighs, and it can cause back/neck/shoulder pain.  So it’s a good place to simplify and de-clutter. ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Simplify and DeClutter


I always enjoy a challenge to keep me on track for things (fitness challenges, water-drinking challenges).  And so about a year and a half ago, I discovered a great blog, with her challenge to de-clutter and simplify her life, one day at a time. It was a great inspiration to see her task for the day, see her before ... Read More »

Tip: How to Easily Remove those Sticky Thriftstore Price Tags


I make a habit of scouting out the kitchen section of every thrift store that I go to. I’m not entirely sure why, or what, specifically, I’m looking for, but I often come home with dishes. Most of the time they’re Corelle dishes to go with our mis-matched set, but this time I found these super cute little mugs for ... Read More »