A Month of Less: The Coat Closet


Today’s challenge is the Coat Closet! Now, I’m hoping for your sake that yours is not in as bad shape as mine was – it was a little lot embarrassing. We had so many fabric & plastic bags stuffed in there that it was kind of a shove everything inside as far as possible and then quickly shut the door ... Read More »

A Month of Less: My Dresser


If you’re like me, your dresser and closet are always overflowing.  No matter how much you can organize or separate or get rid of things, there’s always a mess.  I’m not exactly sure why that happens.  I decided to tackle my dresser today.  I didn’t have time to do a big sort and organize, so I just went through and found ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Digital Photo Organizing


 I have to admit that I’m not great about organizing and backing up my photos.  They often sit on my computer in whatever place they get saved on, until I have hundreds of little files of pictures.  So what I started doing about a year ago was to create 4 folders for each year.  Jan-Mar., Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept., and Oct-Dec.  This ... Read More »

A Month of Less: The Junk Drawer


Somehow, since we’ve moved into a kitchen with more cupboard space, I’ve gone from one “junk drawer” to one “main” one and two extras.  Do I really need 3 drawers for random things?  No.  Now I just have to do something about it.  Organize, and throw stuff out! Here’s our two main “junk” drawers.  I went through, dumped them out.  ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Email Simplifying


One thing that I find eats up a lot of my time is email.  Whether it’s checking & responding to the important ones, or deleting/ignoring the spam/mailing lists.  My inbox is so full that it gets overwhelming sometimes.  Aside from my own Gmail account, I have a shared Hotmail account with my husband, as well as a work email account.  ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Purse/Diaper Bag


Okay, so my purse is usually a disaster.  I don’t clean it out on a regular basis, so it keeps collecting things.  Receipts, garbage, toys, papers, etc.  As a result, it gets really heavy.  I’ve read articles about how much a woman’s purse often weighs, and it can cause back/neck/shoulder pain.  So it’s a good place to simplify and de-clutter. ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Simplify and DeClutter


I always enjoy a challenge to keep me on track for things (fitness challenges, water-drinking challenges).  And so about a year and a half ago, I discovered a great blog, with her challenge to de-clutter and simplify her life, one day at a time. It was a great inspiration to see her task for the day, see her before ... Read More »

Tip: How to Easily Remove those Sticky Thriftstore Price Tags


I make a habit of scouting out the kitchen section of every thrift store that I go to. I’m not entirely sure why, or what, specifically, I’m looking for, but I often come home with dishes. Most of the time they’re Corelle dishes to go with our mis-matched set, but this time I found these super cute little mugs for ... Read More »

Cleaning Stoneware


   I love Pampered Chef products, but unfortunately I don’t have the kind of money to buy them often, so any time I see them at garage sales, I grab them!  I’ve never had stoneware before, so I was pretty excited to find this one at our local thrift shop for just a dollar.  I checked the bottom, and it said ... Read More »

Organizing the Entryway


Another quick post on a rainy day.  We just moved into a new house about 5 months ago.  We had such a tiny entry way in our other house, so I was thrilled to have more space here!  The only problem is that there are no coat closets or any sort of closets on the main floor.  So for the ... Read More »