What to Expect When Hiring a Cleaning Lady #Giveaway

What to Expect When Hiring a Cleaning Lady

The year that my first child was born, there was a Groupon for a cleaning maid service. How luxurious! I thought that I’d treat myself - absolutely I’d pay $30 for a house cleaner for 2 hours while I sit with my feet up and nurse my baby! …and then, before I knew it, my Groupon had expired. I did the ... Read More »

Prepping Your Home for Winter


As the days and weeks pass by, we are slowly heading into the winter season. There are so many things to do to prepare, and readying your home is one of them. Here’s a great list we’ve shared over at with a great step-by-step list (or a “honey-do” list).   Prepping Your Home for Winter    Read More »

Septic care, Giveaway, and Majesta e-z Flush Challenge

For the first 12 years of our marriage, we only had one bathroom. That was fine when it was just the two of us, but after the first, second, third, and fourth child, it became pretty busy and crowded. And so we finally moved to a new house with three bathrooms! Three!  As wonderful as that is, it also comes ... Read More »

Fruit Fly Solutions

Solutions for those pesky fruit flies

 Every summer I end up with those pesky fruit flies in my kitchen.  It usually happens because I’ve been too lazy putting the composting out, or letting some fruit rot on the counter. Either way, my kitchen ends up full of these little guys, and I find myself searching for fruit fly solutions.  I went to our helpful Facebook community asking ... Read More »

Job Chart for Kids – Quick and Simple

Keep it simple when it comes to job charts!

I’ve always been meaning to get our kids on a job system, but never got around to it. It seemed like too much work. Charts, rewards, magnetic boards, etc.  But a few weekends ago, while I was at a get-together with my university friends,  I was inspired by my friend Christine’s simple chore chart.  One job for each child to ... Read More »

Quick Tip to Fake Your Spring Cleaning

Fake Your Spring Cleaning1

  I don’t usually do a lot of official “spring cleaning”, but I’m generally inspired by the spring weather to make things as bright, and fresh as possible.  This year, though, a few things have come together to stop me from doing this. First of all, “spring” has taken so long to come! I can’t have windows open, hang things ... Read More »

Library Book Tip


We’ve been using our public library for years, and we love the selection they have, and their printout they provide of all the books we have out.  But recently, our older two have also started bringing home 3 books a week from their school library, and they tend to be smaller in size (paperback novels) with no printout.  We end ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Organizing Paperwork


Am I the only one who struggles to deal with the important papers that seem to arrive daily?  And now that our boys are at school, there are so many more!  I’m always surprised at tax time that I’ve actually found most of our forms, though it takes a lot of searching.   A lot of my papers get shoved behind ... Read More »

A Month of Less: The Tuppeware / Plastics Cupboard


My Tupperware cupboard has been exploding since the day after I cleaned it up in the summer. It was time. I did this one a few weeks ago, actually, because I wanted to see if I could keep it from falling into disarray in the next 7 days. Well, this time, it has made it for a full 3 weeks ... Read More »

A Month of Less: Kids’ Books


      Sometimes it’s a little intimidating to face an entire room of kids’ things and organize/sort/throw out stuff.  So I thought I’d just tackle one small area today – their little bookshelf.  Since we had moved about 10 months ago, I had already gotten rid of so many books and toys, but we still had a lot.  So ... Read More »