Braided Fleece Dog Toy

Our dog LOVES chewing apart stuffed animals. She always attacks them at the head, rips it open, and pulls the stuffing out the ear. Every. Single. Time. Kind of creepy.  At least it is good incentive for our boys to keep their favourite toys away in their bedroom!!

We decided to try and make her some chewing toys, and see if she’d like them as much as the stuffed animals she chews up.  We saw some fun braided ones, and decided to try our hand at making them out of fleece. The key to the braiding is to keep it all as tight as possible.  The kids had a hard time, but I gave them each a few strands tied together to practice with, and they got really good at doing it.


It’s pretty simple. Cut three strips of fleece about an inch wide and  4-5 feet long. Start by tying a regular knot in the middle of the three strands. Pull it pretty tight.



 Braid one side as tightly as you can – about 6 inches or so. Secure it with a paper clip. Do the same thing with the other side.


When you’ve finished the second braid, take out the paper clips and line up the 3 strands from the second braid right over the 3 strands from the first braid. Braid these double strands together for the final section.


A few inches from the bottom, tie all the strands together with one large knot. Pull it really tight.


Voila! So easy to make.  And great fine-motor skills development for the kids!



Great to give away as gifts, or to sell as a fundraiser!

010 You could use all kids of other fabric types to make these -old bath towels, denim jeans, etc!

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  1. I love how it came out. My dog would have it torn to shreds in no time, though ;)

  2. It looks easy to make! I will try it with denim jeans. Thanks!

  3. Oh, what a great idea! This is totally something my kids could make for Gramma’s 5 dogs!

  4. Cute project. We don’t have pets because of allergies though :-(

  5. I am going to try this again.. my dog likes to play tug of war, but she is not a huge braided toy fan for some reason..

  6. I bought one of these at a local flea mart- thanks for the instructions- never thought to just make one! my Chihuahuas love these!

  7. I love this rope idea! My dog would love this!

  8. You are absolutely brilliant! That would definitely make a great gift, and I like your fundraiser idea too.

  9. What a great diy toy! Thanks for sharing!

  10. So simple! It looks great!

  11. Well they turned out really good, and a great way to re-use old fabrics!

  12. Great idea! My dogs would love it.

  13. What a great way to save money. Pet toys can really run up there in price for the high quality ones.

  14. That’s so quick and easy! Thank you for sharing this.

  15. These looks so good & I can see they are easy to do as well. We don’t have pets, but would love to try such ideas with my kids when I visit my cousin house.

  16. These are cute. I bet my pets would love them. My dog would and my cat thinks she is a dog so I bet she would too.

  17. Cute craft – would make a nice donation to an animal shelter. My stepson has two dogs that tear apart toys like crazy. He bought the largest, expensive braided rope toy, and they tore it apart. I had never seen a toy that thick before.

  18. Super smart craft idea. My friends with dogs would definitely appreciate it if I made some.

  19. This is such a great idea. I unfortunately have a very tough biter. He destroys the so called unbreakable toys in minutes.

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