A blogger sat down to write a simple blog post. What happens next will make your jaw drop!

When you find out what these kids are jumping into, your jaw will drop! (Spoiler: it’s a swimming pool.)

She found this cardboard box, but when she rips it open, I’m speechless. (Spoiler: it’s puppies.)

She put her toilet brush under the seat. Why? It’s Genius! (Spoiler: it can drip-dry before being put away.)

This guy did the coolest, most illegal, DIY project ever. The end result? Genius! (Spoiler: it’s moss graffiti.)

22 Perfectly Timed Photos will BLOW YOUR MIND! (Spoiler: They’re kinda cool.)

I have had it UP TO HERE with clickbait headlines, people. 

I’m getting awfully tired of picking my jaw up off of the floor. My head is starting to ache from my mind being blown every 10 minutes. 

 Seriously. How many times a day can a person possibly be astounded? I’m beginning to develop serious trust issues because, contrary to the headline claims, I actually CAN believe my eyes, and what her response wasn’t genius, it was common sense. 

 I know that you want me to watch your video or read your story. It’s painfully obvious, because you’re trying to trick me into clicking on your link. Guess what? That ugly little worm that you’re wiggling in front of my face won’t entice me to follow your bait. I almost throw up a little every time I see these stories show up in my news feed. 

We are intelligent, friends! Why do we allow these writers and content pushers to keep drawing us in? Please – for the love of my English Degree – join me in boycotting ALL click bait articles, no matter how fuzzy-wuzzy that tiny wittle kitty cat wooks.

Together, we can make a difference – together, we can SHOCK the viral marketers and leave them speechless when they realize that their cliched, hyperbolizing, misdirecting headlines are leaving them readerless.

Note: As I was searching for the worst clickbait headlines in history, I came across this fantastic website that uses clickbait headlines in the only manner acceptable: Teaching the History of the World.

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Jenn vanOosten

I live in Hamilton, Ontario, and love my city. I'm a Netflixer, choral music geek, bookworm, inventor of recipes (I take Artistic Licence on EVERYTHING that I make), wife of one, mother of two, and owner of a neurotic Schnauzer. I respect people who respect others. I love good food that's well done, but my favourite lunch is KD & hotdogs. With ketchup. I'm addicted to Clearance Shopping. I will ALWAYS get the product that I want at the price that I want, eventually.


  1. Ha ha. I totally click on these from time to time!

  2. My least fave one was a click bait that made it sound like a father was dishing out his anger on having a special needs child…when he obviously wasn’t. Sigh… I have one click bait (I think) but my kid *was* gonna die, so that doesn’t count, right?

  3. Sigh… when will I learn that these shocking headlines will only disappoint me?

  4. I purposely avoid clicking on titles like that….

  5. It still makes me click everytime though!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA This CRACKED ME UP!!! I almost didn’t even click on this (from my feeder) until I realized you were being satirical. and then I LOVED it. My aunt is CONSTANTLY sharing these types of posts on Facebook and I almost want to unfollow her because it’s SO ANNOYING. But then I feel bad. So I just get a little angry each time I see the headlines hahahaha.

    Thanks for this!

  7. I never click them. I’m immune. I know that whatever it is will annoy me, so I just skip them. Take that, viral marketers!

    Oh… but maybe this one…

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