How to Avoid the Biggest Decorating Mistake in a New House

Seven years ago, before the dawn of Pinterest, my husband and I bought our first home. Now, while we were living in our first apartment, my love gifted me a photo wall for Christmas. I loved my wall of people that I love. I spent many hours sitting on the couch staring at the wall with a cup of hot tea in my hands. 

Living room photo arrangement

However. When we moved into our very own house, we concentrated on some updating renos and the home decorating got pushed to the side. The box of frames was moved from here to there, there to here, and one by one, the glass cracked and the frames got scratched. Eventually, we tossed the broken ones and donated the rest. 

Two years later, we moved to the upstairs apartment of our house and, once again, planned to adorn our walls with family and friends. Notice I said planned. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest. Pinterest has a LOT to say about how to decorate your living room walls. 

Photo arrangements for living roomsThe problem was, Pinterest didn’t print the photos for me. It certainly didn’t buy matching or cool vintage frames and hang them on my walls. Neither did my husband. Or I. The ONLY thing that we had hanging out our livingroom walls, besides the large framed mirror that came with our house, was a piece of twine used for hanging arts & crafts. 

virtual-tour-174867-16See that art on the wall? That’s not even ours. I had to BORROW it from Anne over at Food Retro so that we wouldn’t look quite so much like we had just moved in the week before. 

We moved into our new place at the beginning of July, so I kind of literally jumped at the chance to review a canvas print from Canvas and Decor

Canvas and Decor Canvas PrintI have decided that Canvas and Decor marks the end of my bare-wall days. Seriously. Putting together a canvas that I was happy with took all of 10 minutes. It probably would have taken less time, but I just couldn’t decide which photo to use so I put together four options and had my husband vote on one. 

2015-07-02 13.58.55Two days after I placed my order, the delivery man knocked on my front door and my canvas was in my hands. I am in love with the first personal photo to grace our walls in 7 years… just in time for our 9th anniversary next month! The gallery wrap photo canvas looks sharp – the photo quality came out perfectly! 

2015-08-11 00.45.08

And thus, I have discovered a surefire way to avoid the biggest livingroom decorating mistake a person can make (which is, I would say, inaction) – just begin with one photo. One piece. Order one canvas and hang it on the wall. That’ll lead to the next, and the next, and suddenly, before you know it, you’ve got a little gallery on your hands….without even leaving the house! Right now, you can save 50% off regular price (sale price is reflected on the site already), and another 10% off when you order 2 or more pieces! Plus, free ground shipping across Canada to boot! 

Disclaimer: I’ve been compensated for this post. As is the case with all of our reviews, my opinion is my opinion and isn’t influenced by compensation. 

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  1. This is such an awesome idea! Now, if only I actually had some available wall space for more pictures…

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