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Homemade Crayons


The boys wanted to make some gifts to give to their friends.  I thought about various ideas, but settled on this one because it was easy to make, neat-looking, and fun to use.  The most tedious part was ripping the labels off all our old, stubby crayons (although I have since heard that soaking them in water makes it much ... Read More »

Easy Chocolate Dipped Christmas Treats


Need a last minute Christmas treat to bring along to a party?  Or feel like you really *should* be doing some Christmas “baking” but burn everything your fingers touch?  Here’s a great solution for you! Last Christmas, I was putting together a tray of goodies for a Christmas Movie watching party that I was hosting and I needed another treat ... Read More »

Lightbulb Snowman Ornament


I’ve seen a variety of lightbulb ornaments and projects, but I never really planned on doing any.  But the bulb burnt out on my desk lamp, and the glitter was just sitting there on the counter, so I thought I’d try.  First of all…if you have a dark burnt spot on the bulb, don’t try it…you can see the dark ... Read More »

Perfect, Easy, and Mess-free Bacon!


I’ve noticed that in the past few weeks, leading up to the Christmas season, I’ve been using a LOT of bacon in my savoury treats.  I thought that if I’m doing this, others might be as well – and you might appreciate this tip!  This past summer, I picked up a fantastic tip from a good friend.  When it comes ... Read More »

Dragon Slippers


I don’t do a lot of sewing, but I like to try and make one gift each year for the boys.  I saw this cute tutorial for fleece Dragon Slippers and it didn’t look too difficult.  She had great step-by-step instructions for creating your own pattern based on your child’s foot size.  I spent two evenings drawing, measuring, calculating & cutting, then ... Read More »

Handprint Ornament


This week, my little guy and I made a birthday present for his daddy, but it would work great for Christmas gifts for grandparents, too!    I found the recipe here.  The salt dough was super easy to make, especially with a stand mixer to do all of the kneeding for me while I cleaned up my kitchen!  I rolled out ... Read More »

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


I found these cookies on last year when I was making cookies at the last minute.  I didn’t have any chocolate chips, condensed milk, brown sugar, butter, or any of the ingredients you need for traditional Christmas cookies.  This recipe was great because it took very simple ingredients, was easy to make, and was great for involving children. It is ... Read More »

Homemade Gingerbread Spice Latte


I don’t claim to be a coffee expert by any means, but I do enjoy a latte or flavoured coffee (mmm…Starbucks).  But they are expensive!  I saw this pin for a homemade Gingerbread Latte.  It looked easy enough, and I had all the ingredients on hand. The first thing you do is make a syrup using molasses, brown sugar, and ... Read More »

Chewy Chocolate Squares


 This is my absolute favourite recipe for squares, and I know it will become yours, too.  Picture (taste!) this: a thick, gooey, creamy layer of chocolate with a chewy cookie on top and bottom.  It’s so rich and sinfully delicious that I reserve this recipe to be used but once a year: Christmas!  I can’t claim to be the inventor ... Read More »

Christmas Lacing


We thought it would be fun to try lacing some Christmas mittens. Unfortunately we had broken the hole punch while building our catapults…oops.  I used a pencil to poke holes in these one, and then used a star-shape to punch the holes for my toddler.  The larger holes actually turned out to be easier for him to do the lacing. ... Read More »