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Oh Christmas Tree


I love Christmas decor. I’m the kind of person who, as much as I am always shocked by how Christmas stuff seems to come out earlier and earlier each year, I am secretly thrilled that it means I am soon “allowed” to decorate my house. This year I wanted to add something to our porch steps as the old painted ... Read More »



Our boys have been desperately waiting for the snow to arrive, and it still hasn’t come.  We have tried our best to welcome it, by making snowflakes, a snowman fridge, and getting out the shovels at the first sign of any flakes.  But still, our yard is bare, and the boys are waiting.    Today my 4-year old asked if ... Read More »

Home Made Mulling Spices


When I discovered Epicure Selections, my favourite product quickly became the Mulling Spices.  A small scoop of this product can transform a normal can of apple juice into a festive, spicy, and incredibly delicious hot drink.  However.  Last year, on the eve of our annual Most Wonderful Time of the Year Christmas Party, I checked in our cupboard and alas!  ... Read More »

More Chocolate-dipped Treats


Just like our previous post on chocolate-dipping, this one is incredibly simple and looks very impressive.  I just melted some chocolate in the microwave at 60% power.  Dipped the clementines in, let them cool…and that’s it. Read More »

Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle


I’ve always loved peanut brittle, but I couldn’t be bothered to do all the boiling, waiting, and checking temperature.  I came accross this recipe from my mom a number of years ago.  It is so incredibly easy and it tatses great.  It may be good for older kids to help with, but it gets REALLY hot in the microwave, so I’d ... Read More »

Winter Discovery Bottle


These discovery bottles have been around for a while – the basic idea is to take a clear glass bottle and fill it with something interesting for kids to play with.  I was fascinated when I saw this one where you cut up pieces of pipe cleaners and use a magnet to manipulate them.   I only had white pipe cleaners ... Read More »

Swedish Love Knot Ornament


I actually first made this years ago in highschool. It’s called a Swedish Love Knot, and it’s supposed to bring good luck to all living in the house.  I also like an alternate meaning – it represents the real meaning of Christmas: God the Father (large circle), the Son, and the Holy Spirit (two smaller circles).  It hangs nicely on ... Read More »

Handprint Snowmen Ornaments

It’s been a tradition in our home to hang a new ornament each year for each of our kids with the intent to eventually pass the ornaments on to them when they have their own home/family. Traditionally I have been purchasing ornaments to some how commemorate their year/Christmas. My son’s first ornament for instance was a pair of blue porcelain ... Read More »

Nativity Stained Glass Craft


We’ve done stained glass projects before – a Veggie Tales one, and  I love the idea of using clear contact paper to stick the frame on, then putting the tissue paper right onto it.  We decided on a Nativity stained glass.  No mess with glue, and it looks great.  We ran out of contact paper to go on top, so ... Read More »

Five Minute Fudge – Only Two Ingredients


I don’t even remember who I first heard this recipe from.  It was told by word of mouth and it’s so incredibly easy.  Just two ingredients gives you the perfect no-fail, five minute fudge.    Take one can of frosting, one package of chocolate chips, and put them in a microwavable bowl.  Microwave at 70% power for 2 minutes.  Stir ... Read More »