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MORE Christmas Sweets and Treats


As we’re heading into the Christmas season, there are certain things I love to bake.  Here are a few of our favourite from this past year.   Cinnamon Roll Bread Baked Apple Cinnamon Donuts Cute little Snowman Cake – so simple! This fun Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Fudgy Brownies (No flour, no added sugar) Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Squares (Gluten-Free) ... Read More »

Chili on a Cornbread Waffle


 Does this not look absolutely amazing?  Chili, cheese, cornbread.  The ultimate fall comfort foods, served together like this?!! And it really was amazing, believe me.  Everyone in the family loved it, and we’re making it again tonight.  SO good!   This recipe can be as simple or complicated as you’d like it.  The original post from Bless This Mess  used ... Read More »

10 Simple DIY Christmas Trees


I love small decorative Christmas trees. I think I was first inspired by my sister-in-law, who had a gorgeous collection of unique and creative trees.  I started to collect a few here and there, mostly on clearance.  I’ll share a picture once I’ve got my decorations out – I’m pretty pleased with my collection. I love the idea of making ... Read More »

Travel Tip: Ziplock Bags + Tablets = Happy {Quiet} Kids!


We don’t have a DVD player in our van, and watching video is a last resort for us to quiet our kids.  However, since one Grandma is 2.5 hours east, and the other Oma is 2 hours west, and our kids never sleep in the van, videos provide a respite for all of us from time to time. Actually, we purchased ... Read More »

MORE Christmas Crafts For Little Hands


The closer we get to the Christmas season, the more our children want to participate in crafts, baking, and everything Christmas-related.  So I thought I’d go through and find some of our favourite activities from last year and put them together so we can access them easily.  There are some fun ones here! Felt Snowman - what better way to build ... Read More »

Christmas Simmer Pot (from kitchen scraps)


One of the best parts of Christmas is the smells.  A combination of baking/cooking, along with the tree – just brings back so many memories.  And I love baking, but sometimes I don’t get around to it, but still want the smells.  That’s where simmer pots are so great.  You leave it on the stove to simmer, and it smells ... Read More »

{GF} Spicy Sausage Cocktail Meatballs


I made these meatballs this weekend for a babyshower. Come to think of it, it probably wasn’t the best option to make, since the new mother as well as the host of the shower don’t eat pork and, well, these are pork meatballs, but that just meant there were more for the rest of us. There’s going to be a theme ... Read More »

Must Watch Christmas Movies


Can you name all of the movies in the collage above? If not, it’s high time that you take a look at the list below! As soon as the ‘cold’ winds start to blow in the Autumn, my head turns to the upcoming Christmas season. I can’t help it – it’s just always been in me. I love the beginning of ... Read More »