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Easy Do It Yarrrself Pirate Crafts #StreamTeam

Featured Pirate_Ship_Craft

I’m not sure where my little guy found his love of pirates and ships. I don’t remember watching a lot of TV shows or movies about pirates, nor have I read him any pirate books. I suppose it’s possible that our Tall Ship adventures last summer fostered a love of ‘pirate’ ships, so he payed attention to whatever was on ... Read More »

Campfire Eclairs from Refrigerator Crescent Rolls

Campfire Eclairs

First: Yes, I know. This idea is absolutely AMAZING. And I can’t take credit for it in the least. I saw the post while I was stumbling one day and landed on The Bigler’s Best Belly Pleasers post for Campfire Eclairs. My first and only reaction was I need to make these, and I need to make them RIGHT NOW. Of ... Read More »

Guest Post: Why I Don’t Pinterest (But I’m Glad That You Do)

Why I Don't Pinterest (But I'm Glad that You Do.)

Hey lovely readers! I’ll apologize for our lengthy absence from the blog in a later post, but what you’re about to read is a guest post from a university friend of mine, Jacqueline Melissen. I sat next to her for a couple years in concert choir, where she kept me quite entertained, and again in several English & Creative Writing ... Read More »

Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe: It’s Ridiculously Easy

featured sidewalk chalk

I don’t want to make any undue assumptions, but if you’re anything like me, there are a LOT of crafts & activities on Pinterest that you see and think, gee, that looks really easy & simple! I should try that sometime with the kids! And then you go about with your life, and you end up not doing it because hauling ... Read More »