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Tortilla Pinwheel Christmas Tree


I’ve always loved tortilla and cream cheese pinwheels.  I’ve seen the Christmas tree layout a few times on Pinterest, so I thought I’d give it a try for our New Years’ celebration with the kids.   I just made a basic mixture of 1 package cream cheese, 1/4 c. cranberries, 2 Tbsp. walnuts and about 1/3 c. shredded cheese.  I ... Read More »

30 Day Fitness Challenge Coming Soon


I love getting healthy, especially after all that holiday eating (that seems to start at Thanksgiving, heads right into Halloween, and ends off with Christmas & New Years!).  I find it easier to start new things on Mondays, when we’re back to routine, so rather than starting this on January 1, we’ll start on the 6th.  Stay tuned for a ... Read More »

Christmas Decorating


Just a little glimpse of some of our Christmas decorations.  I had mentioned a small Christmas tree collection, so I thought I’d show it. It’s kind of a fun silvery, white & red theme, and I love looking for new ones to add to it.  The best part is that they mostly came from dollar stores & second hand stores.  ... Read More »

One Recipe, 3 Christmas Cookies


I always love recipes that simplify, and make our Christmas preparation easier.  Well, this recipe is for a simple cookie dough that can be modified to make several different cookies. Ingredients:1 c. butter                             1/4 c. chocolate chips (mini are best)1 c. icing sugar                     1/3 c. dried cranberries & 2 Tbsp. walnut crumbs1 egg                                     1/3 c. red Christmas cherries chopped1 tsp. vanilla2 1/4 c. ... Read More »

Pumpkin Carving Tip


Now I’m sure that most people have already carved their pumpkins on the weekend.  For me, procrastinating paid off- instead of carving with four boys on indoors on a cold rainy day, we took our pumpkins outside and carved them in the beautiful sunshine today!  And left the mess outside! Here’s a quick tip that we’ve been using for years to ... Read More »

Pumpkin Craft with the Cutest Story!


This is a fun craft to do with children who are able to use scissors pretty well (ie. Grade 2 and up).  What I do is tell the story first with my paper, then have the children re-tell the story with me while making the craft.  Materials: Orange, black and green construction paper Scissors Glue Fold the paper in half, hold ... Read More »

3 Ingredient Strawberry Chia Seed Jam – no sugar added!


I LOVE strawberries and strawberry jam.  I always thought that making jam meant working for hours in the hot summer in a hot kitchen over a hot stove, doing the whole canning process (which I’ve never really done before).  I thought that the no-cook varieties (ie. freezer jam) was cheating.  But the more that I looked into it, and the ... Read More »

Easiest Crepe Recipe Ever!!


MR – Having spent a semester in Paris, I’m very partial to French foods, especially crepes.  You can get sweet dessert crepes or savoury dinner crepes.  You can buy them from a stand on the corner, and they are still amazing! My dad always used to make the best crepes (we called them Skinny Pancakes).  We knew whenever it was ... Read More »

Easter Egg Stained Glass

Easy Stained Glass Easter Eggs

After we did these Coffee Filter Easter Eggs, I saw this craft a few weeks back and thought it would be an easy, fun  activity.  It looked simple enough that we just used the image as an inspiration for our own creations. I love doing stained glass with clear contact paper, because there’s no glue, and virtually no mess. We did these ... Read More »

Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

I saw  this pin a few weeks ago for making easter eggs with coffee filters, and I thought it was pretty cute.  We’ve already made snowflakes and butterflies with coffee filters, but I thought we’d try these. I had a house full of boys for the day (aged 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1) and this craft was great for ... Read More »